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[your name here] joins the hirealliance team as the next Staffing Consultant supporting the Staffing and Talent Acquisition industry!

Hirealliance Staffing Consultants make it all happen.


They are the powerful, connecting force that bring together the right client and the right candidate at the right time. We seek smart, driven and engaging people with excellent communication skills to do this work. Staffing Consultants carefully and skillfully balance their vast networks of passive and active candidates and spend a great deal of their time and energy helping staffing and TA professionals dive into their careers - what have they done and what's next?  Staffing Consultants at hirealliance are part counselor, part sales machine and part business consultant. They work closely with our dedicated Sourcing Team and our Senior Staffing Consultants to keep their fingers on the pulse of our industry so that they never miss a chance to bring together talent and opportunity.


Core Competencies.

We look for some key traits in our team members. Check this out and see if you think you’re a good fit! Staffing Consultants at hirealliance are:

People people. They are genuinely interested in others. They care about their candidates, clients and each other and are naturally curious about what motivates people, both in life and in their professional choices.

Persistent. Once they have a goal to work for, our Staffing Consultants don’t give up (or give it a rest) until they’ve hit it. No distractions, no settling and no excuses.

Ready to learn. Nobody’s perfect, but our Team Members get closer every day. They join us ready to absorb knowledge from every situation and everyone around them and they eagerly look to put new skills to use right away.

Confident (but never conceited). At hirealliance, we’re pretty comfortable with ourselves and with new people and experiences. That means never being shy about who we are and what we do and it also means not being afraid to ask for help when we need it - and we'll never pass up the chance to learn from a mistake.

Strategic Thinkers. Looking beyond right now to the right thing to do and the right way to do it, our team members are always working towards the best interests of our candidates and clients.

Competitive. Never complacent. Being pretty good isn’t good enough, we’re on a constant quest to be the best in our industry and our team members keep each other motivated with a friendly but fierce internal battle for bragging rights along the way!


Skills and experience.


Our Staffing Consultants come from a variety of different backgrounds. If you’ve read this far and feel like we’re speaking your language then we encourage you to apply.


During the interview process we’ll take a look at your experience and/or skills in:

● Planning, prospecting and organization

● Time management and success with self-directed projects

● Working both as an individual high achiever and as part of a team to reach collective goals

● Communication and presentation

● Research and Internet search abilities


Specific experience in staffing or recruiting (and a real passion for the work!) is highly desirable. We appreciate experience in customer relations, sales, business development, marketing, cold calling, networking, admissions, enrollment, public speaking and presenting.


Above all else, we are always evaluating for any candidates alignment with our values: Trust, Partnership, Accountability, Connection and Knowledge, and our mission: “To be a trusted and valuable partner to our candidates and clients.

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