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recruitment process outsourcing

When you're busy taking care of your own clients, you can't afford to let building your own team take a back seat. 

Working as a true extension of your brand, we bring the benefit of experience, access to a wide network of both active and passive talent in the recruiting and Talent Acquisition industry and valuable knowledge of the market to your process.


With Recruitment Process Outsourcing, hirealliance takes over the heavy lifting and develops a hiring plan that provides clients with:

  • pre-screened and qualified candidates eligible for specific requirements

  • an organized recruiting process that provides increased efficiency and outcomes for hiring managers 

  • exclusive client rights to any candidate engaged in the interview process

  • support for job descriptions, hiring recommendations and offer negotiations

  • regular reviews with hiring managers and/or HR staff

  • a dedicated consultant resource at hirealliance

  • monthly reporting and review of recruiting metrics and candidate experience

  • marketing exposure on job boards, social media and hirealliance website

  • access to hirealliance business consulting services for support around compensation and commission planning, talent management, recruiting process and more

  • on boarding support

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